Counting the days

My first graduate class starts at the end of this month, and I am nowhere near ready to be back inside of a classroom quite yet. I need to figure out if I am going to do the whole laptop in class schtick or my classic hand-written notations approach. I prefer not having the distraction of my laptop for class, but after a full day of work will my brain be able to keep up otherwise?

What should I do?

I am enrolled, part-time, in Pace University’s Dyson College of the Arts & SciencesΒ Book Publishing Certificate Program. This could lead to big things in the publishing world, in terms of my career. On the other hand, it could show me just how much I do not want to work in there…though, I doubt it. The trick is going to be working my full-time job and going to school two nights a week. Luckily, I just found out that I have July 4th off for the holiday. Bully for me!

I am starting with one course: The Principles of Publishing. The textbook cost me about $27.73 on Amazon, depending on who is selling the book to you. Compared to my Undergraduate textbook costs, that was a bargain! Check outΒ Publishing: Principles and Practice by Richard GuthrieΒ if you are looking for an interesting background on all things publishing.

Raising Tattoo Awareness: Proceed Cautiously

As a woman who loves getting tattoos, and is thinking of getting more, this is something to really look into before having ink permanently pressed into my skin. Do not rush into getting your tattoo. Promise me, it is worth it, in the end, to have these conversations with your artist, prior to sitting down for the actual art.

Ask about the sterilization of the instruments.

Pay close attention to your artist as he preps the materials he needs to do your work.

Is he opening a new package of needles?

Are his hands clean looking?

Ask him if the ink in his store has ever been known to have trouble.

Check into customer feedback.

Take the time to think about the future, while getting your tattoo. Don’t be too busy living for today.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– Tattoos are much more mainstream in recent days, but consumer complaints are up. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration is issuing a new warning about the dangers of tattoo inks. As CBS2 News’ Ana Wernner reported, it’s important information for anyone considering body art. San Francisco hairstylist Jarr SamuelΒ loves…

via FDA Issues Warning About Dangers Of Tattoo Ink Following Consumer Complaints β€” CBS New York

Who hurts the most?

The scariest thing in the world is choosing to walk away from the one person you love more than anyone else in the world. How do you admit to the person you want most in this world that you have to part ways? Where is the break-up exit interview? Is there a severance pay that I qualify for?

Should it hurt as much as it does, when the person you love did not love you back?

Who actually feels the brunt of the heartache in a break-up? It’s the person who does the walking away. There are so many emotional suitcases full of clothing that needs to be hastily packed, fragile plates full of memories that need to be carefully and individually wrapped, and books containing your adventures must be delicately placed in boxes and stored away. Break-ups do not happen over night. They take days…sometimes months.

He and I should have ended things when I left Connecticut. But, we didn’t. I think we both wanted things to work out, but how do you admit to yourself that it isn’t?

He saved me from myself, and I am so, so happy that I met him and shared as many happy memories with him as I could, but he just didn’t love me as I loved him.

“Ay, there’s the rub”. – Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

It’s Mine

What is my life, if it is not mine?

I have been on this journey, for the past year, figuring out whose life I am living. Only recently did I figure out that it is my life.

This is my life.

My life is writing; my life is working as a Stylist; my life is whatever I damn well please it to be.

It’s mine.

This is my message to the world.

Sometimes, when we enter into a relationship, we lose parts of ourselves as we compromise for our partners. We should never have to give up parts of ourselves. We should never question the things we want in life and question our direction just because there is a new character introduced to our stories.

It has taken a year, but I feel that I am finally starting to pull it together.

The Right Thing

When people talk about “doing what is right”, how do they know what the right thing is? Does the royal “They” that people refer to have a secret handbook that others are unaware of? Is there really one correct solution to each dilemma in life?

Right now, I am dating this guy. I met him last April, right before I left college. He is the most amazing man I have ever met, but he is not most girl’s ideal boyfriend. He is forgetful and a flake, he works too much, he has no time for a real relationship, and he is clearly not someone who should be in a long distance relationship because he is not willing to put in the work.

My friends believe he is bad for me and my family wants me to dump him, but I think he just needs the guidance of the right girl. I fell for him for a reason and that reason surpasses all the reasons not to be with him. It is a shame that they are not reasons that can be physically seen because they are magical.

There is magic in the way he gently presses his lips to the top of my head as he hugs me, how he smiles slightly just before kissing me, in the way he holds me while we sleep, but there is more magic than anything in the way he looks at me. He has such expressive eyes and they are dead giveaways for anything he is feeling.

When I am with him, I feel as if we are the only two people on the planet. I am not afraid to get a little silly and really let loose. I never stress about straightening my hair or wearing the perfect outfit because just by looking into his eyes, I can tell he likes me for who I am.

I could never forget him and no matter how many times I tell him “It is over”, I still want him because my feelings for him are so powerful. He has changed my whole world, and I would not give him up for anyone else.

Would it be the right option for me to break up with a man, whom I love dearly, just because other people think it is right? What if there is no right option, only the option that I feel is right? Right now, my gut tells me that he and I are supposed to be together. We met when we did for a reason and who knows where will be in a few months from now, but I am just not ready to let him go.

I know that it would be the wrong choice.



Big, beautiful bras

Last night, I was just scrolling through Facebook, when I saw an article posted by Refinery29, “The Best Bras for Big Boobs”. I clicked on it and started looking at the endless list of gorgeous but expensive bras. I thought to myself, “Why in the world would I buy a bra directly from that designer’s website?” Most of the bras on that list were $65 and up. Who has that much money for a piece of lingerie that will be stretched out and beyond salvation, within a year?

As a well-endowed woman, I am a loyal brand kind of girl. I buy strictly from Lilyette. Those bras have never let me down. Often-times they are $40 at Macy’s, but they are normally included in any big sale that Macy’s is holding. Lilyette is just perfect for me because they fit comfortably, they have a great selection of sizes, their underwire is not quite so oppressive, and NOW I have discovered them on Amazon…for $12 a bra! How perfect is that?

My question to the fashion industry – Why is a woman’s necessary undergarment so grossly overpriced? I understand that there are cost products and expenses for the material needed to make the bra and the price of labor. Lilyette, for example, produces its bras in Indonesian sweatshops (which is a whole other topic…it is best to not get me started on the under-paid and mistreated workers). So, my question is why do consumers have to practically go broke to purchase bras when clothing companies are paying next to nothing to mass produce their products in third world countries? Why do I have to resort to internet shopping to get the deals? Is it Macy’s that jacks up the prices? Should I stop shopping at Macy’s in order to save myself $30?

Best Bras for the Well-Endowed

I Dub Thee…Deleted

As a child, I was friends with just about every one of my classmates. Then, as you get older and go through the motions of finding your clique or becoming the fifth grade loner, you eventually notice that your “friends list” has dwindled from about thirty to three. No, there was no fight or heart to heart. You just simply floated from one group to the next, and so on.

In the year 2001, if someone no longer spoke to me, they neither scheduled play-dates nor invited me to her birthday party; she would not message me in AOL chat rooms; she would not let me sit with the cool people outside the red tool shed on the playground. That is how things were done. The ultimate shunning.

When did we start physically deleting our friends? Now, when someone I am friends with decides she no longer wants that privilege, I have to dig through contacts, old photos, all my social networks, my email list and delete that person from my memory. Well…not my memory, of course, just the memory on my phone. If you do not do this within one week of putting the major kibosh on said friendship, then you are committing social suicide. You need to make the public statement that she and I are no longer friends. The only thing more embarrassing than staying virtual friends with that person is re-sending a friend request to someone once unfriended.