Author’s Note

This post is just a notification. On, we call this an authors note.

This Saturday, I will be posting my month long beauty routine experiment. During the month of November, I developed a system – a beauty regimen, if you will. I will talk mostly about the products that I mainly use, but I do have some “cheat day” products that get thrown in there from time to time. I have extremely sensitive skin so anything with sulfates and words I cannot pronounce, have been basically eliminated from my hygiene routine.

I tested a system of products for my face, hair, and legs. There will be pictures, product suggestions, price tags, the works. I am really excited for this post because I have been testing new forms of blogging here and there. I am a writer and a writer must write.

I look forward to seeing the view count rack up on my homepage here, and I will see you all on Saturday, for the big un-veiling!


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