European Excursion: Part 2

39 days until the big vacation!

I have booked both of the hotels for Prague and Vienna.

We are meeting up in Brussels, Belgium and the staying two nights in Prague, Czech Republic before boarding a five hour train ride to Vienna. We will stay there for three nights, and then head back to Prague for the last two nights of our trip. I am so excited. We still have to purchase our train tickets, but they are not available yet.

I also need to confirm with the hotel about transportation from the airport – to train station – to hotel and back again

Last weekend, I went up to Montreal with my grandpa and mother to visit our cousins. My cousin and her new husband went to Prague and Budapest for their honeymoon. She offered some helpful hints for the trip.

She said we definitely need Czech Korunas while we are there because they do not accept the Euro yet. Fortunately, I will need Korunas and Euros because we are also going to Vienna. I am more than covered for money for this trip because I have my credit cards and debit card and I will have foreign currency with me. I just can’t wait for this!


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