A New Path

When I was a college freshman, I had this crazy dream of going to Law School. Somewhere between May 2011 and the Spring semester of my sophomore year, I decided to surrender that dream to the anxiety-ridden brain, inside my skull, that was screaming “Law School??!!! Is she crazy? We will be lucky to graduate from Albertus!”

Well…I did it, and I finished, with honors.

Now, I have re-booted that dream. For the next year, I will immerse myself into a pool of intense studying for the dreaded LSAT. My personal goal is to score at least a 150, on practice tests, by December. I will study from now until next fall, and in that time I should know if I definitely want to pursue the Law School dream.

If I did actually attend Law School, I would concentrate on the intellectual property law, trademarks, copyrights, patents,etc. I think it is a perfect match for the side of me that wants to work in the Publishing industry.

The only downside to this plan is that I would have to use any money I have saved, and that I save over the next year or year and a half, to pay for the test itself and for Law School. There is no way my parents could ever pay for it even if they offered. Right now, I am looking into Fordham University Law and Hofstra Law. Hofstra is right down the road from my house, and it’s tuition is pretty reasonable.

This could be an amazing journey for me, and I already have the support of my sister, my boyfriend, and my therapist. I still have to talk to my mom and see if she would be on board with my plan. I bet she will be, but it will definitely be a struggle. Although, if I live at home for a while longer than I had intended, maybe I can get an apartment somewhere around here. Hofstra has graduate housing. Maybe I can look into that, after a while.

I still have so much to do in regards to this plan, but this gives me so many different options. Law School means more money once I have graduated. Better job opportunities. More money. More doors will open up for me in life.

My timeline:

Sept 2015-Sept 2016 Study for LSAT

Sept 2016-Dec 2016 Take LSAT (possibly again)

Apply to Law School

Let’s do it!


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